In the year 2000, I became gravely ill. My emaciated body slept over 20 hours a day, at times, for almost 3 years. Doctor after doctor told me they couldn't help. I lost everything.

So, I turned to things I didn’t understand: extreme shamanic practices and rituals from around the world that fundamentally changed me as a person.

Studying at the feet of several masters for many years to develop skills that dramatically altered the course of my life, I reluctantly kept being drawn back to the honing of an acute intuition to read people and situations.

Not wanting to be a healer, and enamored by the exploits of close friends who were elite soldiers, I did the ultimate run-away and joined the Army.

It was there, embedded with an Australian Special Forces Unit to train up for Selection, that I observed the all-too-common occurrence of Special Forces Operators (SAS, Commando's, SEAL's, Delta units): experiencing extreme luck in dire combat situations.

So, we forged a trainable dynamic to create what looks like luck; a "Bubble of Luck," if you will.

The impetus was then to travel the world documenting extreme rituals and practices to understand the common thread of these practices that miraculously change lives.

This study coupled with thousands of hours of accurately reading people and situations, I now successfully help companies, organizations, and sports teams win in ways they previously never thought possible.

Let me know how I can serve.


Kirk Westwood

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